May 31, 2023Liked by Certified ADA Advocate

Help me understand what you're trying to accomplish. The only pattern I'm seeing is that you get involved and make unspecified demands to accommodate your client's disability, at which point you get into a struggle with the judge and/or attorneys over the ADA law, on which point you are technically correct, but in the end you have achieved nothing. If you were, say, automatically entitled to $5000 for each violation of the law, as you would be when disputing credit records with a credit reporting agency, for example, I could sort of understand the purpose. But, if your purpose is to achieve specific accommodations for your clients disability, I don't see the point here, as you don't seem to be able to do so. It just seems like you're doing it for the "gotchya!" or fighting for the fight. In this case, the whole exercise has cost your client $4000.

I'm not looking to start an argument with you, I just don't understand the purpose. Yes, they are apparently violating the law, but I never see your objectives with regard to what you're trying to specifically secure for your client.

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