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Wow, your father could've been my grandfather. He came from a share cropper family in Vermont, farming tobacco. Same shit lack of life skills passed on to my mother. I once confronted him on the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse he put my mother through. He denied doing anything wrong, yet broke down in tears. Seeing this impotent old monster sitting at the dinner table weeping somehow managed to make *me* feel like a piece of shit for making it happen.

My mother exhibited all the traits of a borderline personality disorder. Whenever she wept over a conflict, I knew she was weeping for herself. She'd tell me she loved me, but only ever looked through me. Role played out all her trauma on me, projected her father onto me constantly. We eventually, only fairly recently worked things out, but it took us /her right to the edge. How many ways can you say something to someone, how plainly can you convey a concept only to have them not listen?

That was always the issue. She wasn't listening to me, she was hearing something else, replaying a different conflict with someone else in her head. You get worked up because *they're* not listening, and you're replaying your own trauma over the situation, but the only way to succeed is to insist that they stop doing this and *hear* what you're saying.

Perhaps with your children they're replaying interactions they've previously had with you, and are blocking out what you're trying to say now. If you're objecting to the new-age liberal BS, you'd best also be explaining why you feel the way you do, and show that you're a human being who's come to a rational conclusion, and perhaps walk them through how you came to these conclusions. Just rejecting the BS and locking horns over your respective positions is no good.

This faux-demic reveled to me a surprising aspect of American culture. Adult children severing relationships with their parents over official covid dogma. I can't believe how many times I read people disclosing this shocking revelation. It speaks to the dysfunction of a whole nation. Young children parenting their parents as soon as they develop a sense of logic and autonomy. I know that's how our relationship was. I was the only voice of reason, my mother was the impulsive and irresponsible delinquent. It speaks to parental abdication. An inversion of roles. That shit never would've flown a generation ago, but that's a meaningless observation, as that generation led directly to this generation.

The mind controllers in charge have been hard at work for a very long time, and they've now brought humanity to it's knees.

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