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Georgia senator Nancy Schaefer wrote "The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services" and fought for reform. She met her end in what was inexplicably ruled a "murder suicide" based on zero evidence.




Having been in the system, I have seen its rot. You have young optimists meddling where they don't belong, and old burnouts who are only interested in covering their asses. You have people housing more bodies than they can possibly care for in any competent manner, thus they function as warehouses and holding pens. These "foster parents" typically own multiple properties. One unmarried man I was in the custody of owned an apartment complex and 5 houses. The apartment we stayed in during the day was empty, save the ketchup stained walls. He had a security door dividing this from his apartment, which had deep shag white carpeting and a grand piano. I was there for a week before I realized the basement was full of mentally handicapped adults.

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