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Your incentive is to take care of those that actually care about your message, which includes yourself.

And do so without worrying now about the world judging you for "failing" with your kids.

1) Maybe you did fail to instill some of this or that in them...

2) Or maybe they are doing what they are doing because it's the OPPOSITE of you, within their peer-pressure gaggle (I emphasize the word "gag") family group of rebellion against you. (For example, if you had instead gone liberal woke communist plural, then they would have gone conservative patriotic Republican... Thus you couldn't win in such a reverse-scenario.)

3) Or maybe you didn't fail in anything and they would do what they are doing regardless of you at all (why OVER-emphasize your impact on your kids development when they were taught by the Matrix far more than with you).

Furthermore, many (most) people have to hit some sort of rock-bottom.

Also, the vast majority of people are followers, and gullible ones at that.

As such, your kids are probably included in both groups.

News flash: your kids are suckers. Well, now we all know. That's them.

So they will waste their time, youth, and relationships in the dark side of the woke filth, as all the systems go down down down.

And then if they have ANY common sense, they will see their path has been foolishness, and eventually return to you like the "prodigal son" (daughters).

BUT ONLY if they see that dad survived the storms too, and was right all along.

No dad, then no point to return to.

Thus, again, your incentive is to take care of yourself and those that actually care about your message.

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Reflect upon them and see the good and the changes and transformations necessary. Light and truth shine through and your living vindication of God’s laws shall not fail you even when lost at sea adrift upon uncertain circumstances. Let Christ be your anchor. Entrust to him all challenges and hold on and secure to the bitter end. Never surrender. Evil loses in the end. Always.

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With God ALL things are possible. Be encouraged and ask Jesus Christ for help. Trust in Him that you will not be forsaken. Fear not. Read and study Psalms 23 and 91.

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