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Jay this is BRILLIANT! I've stated a zillion times that if one doesn't understand how language programs the mind they will fail in their endeavors. This is true for business contracts, insurance claims, and most importantly one's BELIEFS. Beliefs are words to label an idea but performed irrationally. The rational mind does NOT care one bit for a belief--it's about the details.

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People in a woman's rights March don't know what they are marching for? I can't tell you what a women is only a woman can?? Ok are you dog?

"No m not a dog" can you tell me what a dog is?

And the alphabet mafia member walks away because "SHIMS" ( my new pronoun for a trans

Men that think they are something they can't define. It' Like Abott & Costello who's on First???

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I will continue to question them, we are "woke" and they are "delusional"

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What is a woman? Everyone knows ? The Band Styx has a song that describe these self entitled

Whatever 's as good as they describe the lyrics are "welcome to the GRAN DELUSION????

tto question is to be transphobic. Phobia is a fear

So yes I am very transphobic.

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My issue lies with the pronouns, "they/them." (Often even "he/she/they/them") Here's why: pronouns, they / them, represent one who is gender fluid, agender, etc., or used when gender identity is unknown. It doesn't matter what you call "them," because "they" are gender fluid, gender changing over time, & identify as both, "he and she". Yet, many are offended if you use "he" or "she" to identify them.

So, the conversation goes in circles...

Not everyone, but I believe many use it as a means to preclude communication and target others, presumed to be bigots, prejudice, transphobic, etc. (not unlike presumed "anti-semitism), as a means to avoid an uncomfortable truth. I believe the social aspect of gender identity has become a dangerous trend, especially for those with gender dysphoria. It is said that gender dysphoria is different from one who identifies as being agender or transgender. This part baffles me, according to DSM-5 criteria.

Note: I'm fully aware of chromosomal disorders, in which, most identify as one or the other.

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