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My dad was injured in a logging accident and is a paraplegic and has been since May, 1978. Back then it was almost impossible for him to travel or shop or find meaningful gainful employment.

I watched my parents struggle. My mom who had to do all the heavy lifting and my dad felt tremendous guilt because of it.

There were no sidewalk cutaway, doors wide enough for his chair or even handicap parking. Of course I’m certain you are aware of how it was back then.

My dad is an amazing man. He’s been a great dad and my children and grandchildren grew up riding in my dads lap, popped back in a wheelie. He’s the most positive person I know and an inspiration to all who know him. He was instrumental in working with our city planner, manager shortly after the ADA was passed. They would call for specifications or information pertaining to the ADA rules, laws and guidelines because he had all of the ADA information. He was their go to man and was involved in those early days. He even went up against the contractor who did the parking lot when our Walmart came to town and he didn’t do the striping to code and had to redo it it correctly.

I can’t tell you of all the struggles he encountered and how hard life was before the ADA, but I can tell you how he took a negative and made it positive. He’s well respected and admired by all who are blessed with meeting him. I can’t speak to other disabled folks and how having help with disabilities have helped, just my dad, but I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t benefit from it. Unless of course it’s by those who don’t have a disability and are ignorant to those who do, or are in a position to abuse it.

Thanks for sharing and God bless.

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