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I was diagnosed with auditory ADD my senior in high school, very severe where I couldn’t understand by just hearing words or reading a book. Add a s*** ton of trauma and PTSD (possibly) idk but I have always thought of myself as just “Different” not knowing this was an actual diagnosis. I freeze, and can not think of what to say or what’s really going on until sometimes after the fact. I have problems communicating and explaining what I’m trying to say. So bad no attorney wants to put me on the stand and I’ve been threatened with contempt a lot even at my own DVPO hearing. I never had been to court before and I asked the judge if my fiancé could take an anger management class instead of issuing the restraining order. Legal aid was on the other side leaving me alone not understanding what was happening. The judge said “I just need a yes or no”. But I continued to ask, thinking what was best for my family. The judge said this isn’t family court and I looked at someone and said “What is family court?”. The judge told the bailiff to get behind me and handcuff me. As a victim I was shocked. I had no clue what was going on. This is a common scenario in my life. But I also fed how is a person supposed to know how to act or respond when they feel scared, threatened or don’t understand the situation. It’s like someone asking me to fix their car and dropping it off then leaving expecting me to know what to do? And CPS and cops are trained to deceive people. I’m told I’m gullible. I’m too nice. But I get taken advantage of. Beaten up by two NC police officers due to what they called “Miscommunication” yet I’m 50 percent bilateral deaf and 5’3 weigh 110 pounds. 5 officers there wearing body cameras and when I hired the best civil rights law firm in NC somehow all 5 camera footage was gone??? Convenient right. No use of force report done. Yet I went to the hospital and have pictures of my bruises from my shoulders down to my inner thighs all the way down my legs to my toes. TWO OFFICERS, both weighed easily over 200 pounds. I’ve been threatened by CPS which I have on video on TikTok by caseworker. I didn’t know my rights at the time. If I knew then what I know now my life would be so different. Both caseworkers got fired as soon as I posted the video on social media but my life forever changed due to a vindictive ex. The cop who was there to keep the peace said “in his “so many years of being a police officer” (forgot how many) he’s never heard of a father SAing his own child. Getting in my face. I was falsely accused of being mentally unstable and on drugs. I immediately took a drug test at the hospital, passed it, I immediately made the appointment for a mental health evaluation and got in within 3 days, passed it. They still tried to bring up anything they could think of, my TBI I got before I got pregnant with my daughter, not returning my calls or emails for weeks to a month then saying I sent too many emails. Now I know my rights regarding cops, CPS along with other stuff so I help others as much as I can because I know the feeling and it sucks. I still have a Hard time. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow and I’m going to bring this up to her. I’d love to help out with this and definitely bring more attention to this diagnosis as I think there are more people that have it then they may know.

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