What seems equally as important to 1) identifying these injustices done by individuals and organizations (as you have done), is also 2) documenting them as continued evidence against them (as you have also done). Excellent.

What's needed is a crowd-based system of contributing ongoing evidence to a single, yet decentralized, network for each entity. Then all the evidence would be forever bound in time to their own comments, etc. Of course organizations can change stances, get new mgmt, etc. But at least they could never lie and say: "We never said that!"

Forgiving is an choice. Forgetting should not be for commercial organizations, public offices, etc.

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I really like that there are many professionals finally coming around to the imbalance in male support systems available, and offering more services. I've been watching this lady's videos lately specifically about how toxic women manipulate and destroy men. Not sure if it's ok to post here, but it's been spot-on so far from what I've experienced in my life from impossible relationship dynamics:


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I think this is an important issue, as is sexual violence between women. (my mother had some sexual inappriopriate behaviour towards me, and in front of me - so I know it's not only about men against women)

But one question: why is withholding sex abuse?

If withholding sex is abuse, that would mean that 'giving' sex is a duty, which sounds absurd to me. Sex is something to be enjoyed by both partners, and if it doesn't feel good it shouldn't happen.

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