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Brother, you are using logic and reason, instead of the nonsense (non-sense) that so many others use to explain this Earthly plane. Much respect.

I think the "God" that everyone is taught to believe in, is just a "god" construct allowed to exist within our Matrix to keep everyone pacified.

And many have probably come and gone as beings from other civilizations, dimensions, etc. Likely just to exploit us peasant humans. All pretending to be "God" with their technology, but were just "gods".

This still leaves the question of if there is actually some higher all-powerful "God"... if there is then it would be able to break through the Matrix we are likely in, and thus offer some sort of help, relief, resolution. It doesn't. It doesn't exist, or doesn't care, or knows that we are in some sort of dream/Matrix that doesn't really matter? Well, it sure seems to matter to anyone experiencing it. The pain, the suffering. Appalling.

Thus, your article is right on the money. Amen to it and your reasoning.

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